Special Commissions

As all of our house signs are hand painted we can offer a bespoke service where you can supply an image or a picture, which our artist can use to hand paint your sign from, alternatively you can let us know what you are trying to achieve and leave the design to us.

house flat painted
Flat painted design shown on 24" x 13" Oval
On this size of sign the artwork will be an 
additional 20.00 - 25.00 
(Depending on intracacy)
customers picture
Picture supplied by customer

As you can see from this above example the picture supplied by a customer has been used by our artist to create a bespoke personalised design for their house sign.

After one of our customers sent us a picture but was unsure of how we could produce their bespoke sign. Our team got to work to find out what was of interest in the photograph so that we could ensure that this was highlighted. As you can see the riverside cafe has been brightened up by the artist, as this held a special memory for them, along with the wonderful view of the Brooklyn bridge. 
Brooklyn Bridge

The following house plaques are examples of signs that we have produced for our customers, when supplied with an image or description of a bespoke design that the customer wanted hand painted, to create their own personalised door sign. Obviously for this service there will be an additional artwork charge which can be quoted after seeing your requirements.

Old Barn sign
Flat painted Old Barn scene
17" x 16" Arch 
castle house plaque
Castle from customers image
21" x 12" Oval
Shepherd name plaque
Shepherd & scene as 
customers instructions
18" x 13" Oval
Dove cote personalised
Bespoke Dove cote design
21" x 12" Oval (Portrait)
Bespoke fairy design
Fairy Moon dance design
12" x 8" Oval

George & The Dragon
St George & The Dragon
12" x 8" Oval

We have produced many different bespoke designs for our customers over the years, and as each is individual we would need to see an image or description of the type of house sign that you require in order to provide a personalised door sign quote.

Windmill door plaque
Windmill flat painted from image
14" x 8" Arch
Church plaque
Church - Bespoke design
14" x 10" Oval
Tractor personalised sign
Vintage Tractor hand painted
from customers picture
12" x 8" Oval 
Tuscan Villa hand painted
Personalised Tuscan Villa sign
14" x 10" Oval 
Mountains on house plaque
Mountain Scene and pine tree's
18" x 13" Oval
Avalon - Mystical sign
12" x 12" Arch

House signs are all individual to the type of home that you live in and also the things that you like, so weather it is a picture of your own house, a place that you have visited, your favourite pet or animal. Any of these can be produced on the best fitting size to suit your ideal area for displaying a bespoke door sign to be proud of.

Bridge & bluebells
Bridge & Bluebells scene
18" x 13" Oval
Greyhounds flat painted
Greyhounds Painted from
customers picture
10" x 7" Oval
Thelwell Pony
Thelwell Pony
18" x 13" Oval
Crannog house sign
Crannog - Painted from
customers image
12" x 8" Oval
Lakeside house plaque
Lakeside House 
18" x 13" Oval

The Haywain
The Haywain - Cart & scene
14" x 10" Oval

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